Terms and conditions

Since when you send your design to Loopslike Srls and submit it to the staff for the acceptance and the print, you state the following:
1. The design is your work, you created it and you own its property. You also does not have to be already registered and/or in the progress of registration;
2. Loopslike own the right to print it on the range of products that are object of the activity, to market it or to promote it with any possible advertising campaign inherent with the portal;
3. The submission of the design does not break or violate any previous agreement reached with other sites/companies, whether is a contest or permanent sales websites;
4. The design does not break or violate any copyright, namely it does not perform any activity in contrast with the legitimate intellectual property of third parties;
5. The copyright of the design belong, now and forever, to you, as you will be able to submit it to other contests or permanent sales websites;
6. The commissions gained through the sales will not be credited on the designer account, previously configured into administrative panel of user’s profile, until the total of commissions does not reach at least 20,00 Euro;
7. The designer will receive the payment within 48h via PayPal since the moment he will demand for the crediting, on condition that the point 6 is respected. The designer will have then care of declare how perceived in the form of commissions and paying the relative taxes on the account of the tax system of his belonging Country;
8. The designer will issue an invoice for his performance, with the amount equivalent to the credited commissions, by e-mail to, namely, in case of missing of financial position, the designer will issue a receipt in fulfilment at the expense of Loopslike for the tax deduction and payment of with holding taxes (according to current rates).

Commission N. products sold
Euro 1,50 from 1 to 34 pz
Euro 1,75 from 35 to 44 pz
Euro 2,00 from 45 to 54 pz
Euro 2,25 from 55 to 74 pz
Euro 2,50 from 75 to 89 pz
Euro 2,75 from 90 to 119 pz
Euro 3,00 from 120 to 134 pz
Euro 3,25 from 135 to 169 pz
Euro 3,50 from 170 to 204 pz
Euro 3,75 from 205 to 249 pz
Euro 4,00 >= 250 pz
The variability of commissions will therefore depend on the quantities of the garments sold and will influence the payment of the following month (i.e. if your design is print on 50 pieces and sold during August, the commission will be, according to the table, of 2.00 euro per piece sold, for the entire month of September).
All the commissions are inclusive of VAT (tax burden) to be calculated on every single product sold with the design(printed and of which you have sent/furnished us a bump).
Moreover, no further fees or remuneration are expected, neither in the form of compensation for costs or various advances, if not the payment already agreed and set out in the previous point and for which will be issued a regular invoice because the amount of the commission is charged with VAT (tax burden).