Loopslike is a dream thought in 2015 which became true in July 2017. Our objective? To become a point of reference in order to bring the nerd and pop culture in everyday life, turning it in a real ecosystem usable by anyone

Loopslike is an e-commerce which pays close attention to the needs of its users. Indeed, it’s possible to purchase customized garments and gadgets by taking advantage of the top quality and wide availability of all the products.

We use the DTG printing (Direct-to-Garment), this kind of printing uses a technique which imprints the printing colors straight on the garments. This allows to obtain very high quality printings which are wash resistant and with an environmental impact equivalent to ZERO! The only substance produced by the printing is water vapour.

All our woven fabric printings are 100% cotton and organic, in order to guarantee an healthy respect of environment, obviously, without forgetting the style.

We suggest to wash the clothes in lukewarm water and to not use the dryer to dry them off. The best way is to wash them with cold water (even better is to hand wash, if you like) and let them dry naturally.

An useful guide to the sizes is available for every garment that you would like to purchase, in order to choose the right one. Obviously the dimensions are indicatives so, it’s not necessary to take its literally!

Absolutely yes, our designs will be always available. We will often introduce promotions that will afford you to buy our products with special discounts! So pay attention to our initiatives.

Every design is sent directly from the users of our community. They give us the custody of their works and give us the authorization to print them on our garments.

The section Vote allow our users to express their preferences on the several designs which are available on our e-commerce. This section has various purposes: it helps us to understand your style, enabling us to suggest you discounts and customized offers; it helps the designers to understand the trend of the day, tool useful for future projects and new designs; it helps you to be always updated on the products you are the most interested of, thanks to customized notifications.

Absolutely not. The number of votes is surely one of the main standards, but not the only one. It is supported by other parameters like the appreciation on social networks (likes, shares, comments), the need of facing special themes, or also on the basis of particular requests that our staff may ask to our users.

Before answering, we remember that all the guidelines for the correct sending of files are available in the section Send, which can be found in the user’s profile.
After the registration, you have to go into the section Send in order to upload the file that you want to send.
The guidelines are the following:

  • Formats enabled: TIFF, PNG, JPEG;
  • Maximum dimensions: 30 x 35 cm;
  • Resolution: 300 dpi;
  • Maximum weight of the file: 80 Mb;
There are no limits to colours or techniques like halfthones. Our kind of printing does not require it! This means that you can upload also designs with particular techniques, we can print everything!

Of course, every user’s profile has a section that shows the progress of the designs that have been uploaded (Approved, waiting for approval, rejected). We’ll try to be as fast as possible in communicating the result of the evaluation of the design (we rely answering to anyone within 48 hours).

Obviously. We’ll be very transparent on every decision we take and you’ll be whenever involved about our choice.

The designs that are never going to be accepted, are those which broke any copyright rule or those with pornographic references. Loopslike is a free world with no bounds for creativity, but is necessary to set some rules in order to protect the integrity of the whole community.

Of course they will! Every designer will receive a variable commission from 1,5 euro to 4 euro for any piece sold.

Some indicators will be essential for the determination, like i.e. the sales made, the active participation inside the community, the amount of design uploaded and the community’s approval rating toward the designs. Every indicator will have a different weight on the attribution of the commission.

At the moment we accept only Paypal, worldwide platform for online payments and transactions.

Of course you can. Any prepaid card or credit card can be used to complete the payment, the transaction will be automatically redirected on Paypal’s channels.

We’ll exclusively rely on private courier for shipment in Italy and on registered mail for Europe. For now, we can’t ship out from Europe yet, but we’re working hard on spreading our horizons!

The minimum cost is 5.50 euro for Italy. The system evaluates live the costs based on the amount of the product that are going to be bought. You won’t have any surprise while checking out! We promise!
The same philosophy will be used for shipments across Europe, but the minimum cost is 7.50 euro.

As we said before, the shipment’s costs are going to be calculated on the total amount of products, so, until the shipment’s costs won’t increase, you’ll be able to add any product you want and pay always the same fee! Easy, no?

Every order will be prepared until the moment of the receipt and shipped usually within 48 hours. The remaining waiting will be determined by the delivery time of the courier, which usually may vary between 24 and 48 hours. The maximum waiting won’t exceed 7 working days.
For abroad shipping, the waiting may increase and arrive maximum at 15 working days.

Every package is insured against any potential bump in the road.

Affirmative, sir. Every order is tracked and is possible to verify the status of progress in the section “my orders” in the user’s profile.

Of course you can. It was our mistake, so we’ll take care about solve the problem. After carrying out which is the problem (wrong size, wrong product, wrong garment’s print…), we’ll contact you directly in order to establish the terms of the refund.