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Loopslike is a website completely built from scratch, without the adoption of any web template. It’s a smart ecosystem which can evolve itself across the time on the basis of feedbacks and requests that we receive. This means that every issue will be promptly handled and solved, all the requests for changes and addition will be take in charge by our staff who will surely ensure to implement the best choice.


The designers are the beating heart of our world, the family that we want to preserve in every way we can. Every designer will have the access to a customized profile which will ensure him a better overall view and a wider range of tools useful to manipulate his Loopslike’s spider web at will.

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Creating something new, from the zero, has never been easy. Loopslike truly believe in talent and imagination of the designers who will decide to join this wonderful world. This is why we consider it appropriate to enhance our artistic heritage with variable commissions between 1.5 and the maximum of 4 euro. Is it possible to obtain greater benefits through our “Agent” system, that will give even more greater advantages to the artists who will decide to join this project.


We’ve decided to adopt a strict policy about the choice of raw materials and their processing.
We’re among the few who can guarantee the entire manufacturing process. Indeed, any garment that we produce, is both with ZERO environmental impact and made with ORGANIC cotton! This means that you have never to be worried about what you are wearing because is never going to be dangerous for your skin.

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All the material used are certified by BSCI which attests that during their production has not been employed child or slave labour. We believe that in 2017, this might be just a starting point. In order to create a better world, it is necessary that everybody leave his own contribution to safeguard for those most in need. In Loopslike there’s no room for indifference.


It is fundamental that Loopslike is an operative world for every situation and that produces lasting bonds with all his users and clients. We feel like a great gaming dashboard; a continuous becoming between cause and effect for every single move. One of the main points will be the interaction through contests, competitions for prizes and other tools useful for growing en route.

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